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Natasha Harris

Intuitive business Coach, Activator and Past Life Healer

"Melissa came into my life when everything in my business was beginning to get pretty overwhelming. I was spending more time on admin than with my clients, and I knew something had to change. Melissa has been a god send and has helped me free up so much time and I am now doing more of what I love to do - working with my clients. I am no longer squeezing in my admin tasks in the evening and between clients!


Melissa streamlined all my systems so everything runs so much quicker and smoother now. I don’t know what I’d do without her!"

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Kindred yoga studio logo

Kindred Yoga Studio

South East London Studio

"Yogadmin has been an integral part of our business for a number of years. Many aspects of our business could not function without the input they give us and we couldn't do this without them. They make you feel like you have a team of people working for you and with you."

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Natasha Kerry

Yoga teacher & creator of The Yoga Sleep Method

"Melissa has been supporting me for years now and it has been such a blessing. It has allowed me to focus on my teaching and doing what I love to do whilst Melissa and her team cover all of the admin tasks that are very time consuming.  It’s a must for any Yoga business owner.  Melissa provides excellent support when I need it and her team are very helpful."

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Profile picture of Rosemary Booker

Rosemary Booker

"I have been working with Melissa for a few years now and what a pleasure that has been. Her friendly, positive, calm and focused approach gets things done. I don’t have to tell Melissa what to do, I simply make a request and she uses her years of experience and initiative to deliver time and time again. 

Working with Melissa at Yogadmin has allowed me to increase my yoga offerings. She has supported me in delivering yoga retreats in beautiful places and a 6-week online course.  Melissa is part of my yoga team and I feel very grateful to have found her."

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Profile picture of Inarra Griffyn

Inarra Griffyn

Founder, The New Earth Visionaries & Millionaire Yogi

"When I started working with Melissa, I imagined it would be a little bit of admin here and there but she’s so good at her work she’s now one of my key team members. My company is expanding and I explained how I’d like to grow and she’s right there with me, seeing the bigger vision and helping with all my newsletters. I cannot recommend her enough!"

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Profile picture of Tania Brown

Tania Brown

Yoga teacher & award winning retreat leader

"As a yoga teacher and busy mum, I cannot thank Melissa enough for the support that allows me to focus on what I'm good at.  I feel calmer and more organised in such a busy life stage.  She can do anything for me, from invoicing to spreadsheets (which I have no idea how to do!), newsletters and website updates. 


A good example is her research, delivery and management of a booking system for me, which has made a huge difference on a day to day level - I taught for 10 years putting it off, until I met Melissa!  I believe she can enhance the performance, earning potential and professionalism for anyone looking for organisational support.  I have more time and less stress because of Yogadmin."

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Profile picture of Ignacio Ruiz

Ignacio Ruiz

Founder & CEO, iRuiz Technologies (and qualified yoga teacher)

"I have worked with Melissa for over 5 years now. She has been helping us with all the administration of the company. She understands very well what needs to be done when, showing a proactive approach that is most valuable. She is very organised, you can fully trust and rely on her. Whenever something new was put in front of her she learnt it very quickly, enabling smooth changes when needed.


I can strongly recommend her to anyone that wants help on the admin side, on both a personal and professional level."