The equivalent to a private yoga class. I come to you and what we work on together is 100% up to you. Perfect if you’re not sure what you need support with or if you need to focus on something specific.


We can review your business, your goals, your ‘would love to but’s, your time management & weekly schedule, the systems & admin processes you have in place, your finances & tax status or your website & communications. Choose a general review or focus in on one or two specific areas. We can even walk through a particular process or tool so you better understand how to use it.


Choose from a 2 hours, a half day or a full day.


Members get a 5% discount on all One-to-One sessions, if you take a membership following a One-to-One you will get £15 off your first month.

Not sure which option would suit you? Book a free discovery call to chat it through.